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Recent Activities

Leor Clark and Sherry Hildreth
Translational Plant Sciences Mini-Symposium, 2-28-20


Brenda, Matt (Pelletier, Ph.D. ’97), and Pam Pelletier
The Cellar, 2019Brenda and Matt at the ribbon cutting of the
Liberty College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2014

Cody ( Cain, M.S. ’95), Donna Jensen Cain, and family
back in Blacksburg, 2014

Winkel Lab past

GRC, Magdelene College, Oxford, 2008

Latham Hall, 2006

Fralin Hall, circa 2006

Fralin Hall, 2003

Gordon Conference on Macromolecular Organization and Cell Function, Queens College, Oxford, 2002

Lab Hike, 1997

Department of Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech